dangers of slippery floors for dogs

As your dog gets older slippery flooring such as laminate or tiling feels like walking over a sheet of ice. The lack of grip means that the muscles in their paws, limbs and elsewhere in their body have to constantly engage to maintain balance, causing repetitive strain issues and overloading of the joints over time.

Any slips and falls can be a major cause of chronic muscular problems, pain and mobility issues, due to at times unseen repetitive strain injuries. Dogs are having to constantly re-adjust themselves even when just sitting on slippery flooring trying to prevent their paws and limbs sliding out to the side.

Slippery flooring can have a significantly detrimental effect on the musculoskeletal system of your dog, and can also be hugely painful to the joints of arthritic dogs.

Covering any slippery flooring in your home with rugs, runners or matting (or like me yoga mats) is such a simple and relatively ‘quick win’ for your dog - Be kind and cover your floors.


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