Dawn Pembridge

My name is Dawn Pembridge and I am a qualified Human and Canine Bowen Therapist.

​I trained in The Bowen Technique 11 years ago after being successfully treated for a 10 year back problem with only 3 sessions of Bowen! I was even more impressed when I found out Bowen can treat dogs also.

I decided to train in Bowen and Canine Bowen particularly as my beloved German Shepherd called Neo, was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and I wanted to try and help him. He was my first canine case study and after his second session he was able to climb back on to his favourite sofa which he had been unable to do for a year, it was amazing to see. He also had more energy and he got his zest for life back.

I then was able to treat my mum with human bowen who was suffering from swollen ankles and a stiff neck, my first two case studies went very well! and I haven’t looked back, there hasn’t, been a person, child, baby or a dog who hasn’t felt any benefit!

Further Qualifications include:-

Baby Bowen, Exercise and Rehabilitation, Canine Bowen Technique, Sports 1 and 2, Fascia Bowen, TMJ, Lymphatic Drainage, Hormone Release, MSTR Scar Release, Pediatric First Aid

Lisa Brockwell

Hi I am Lisa and I was introduced to Bowen by my very good friend Dawn who I have known for over 25 years. Dawn trained as a Bowen therapist and when my mother had a stroke and almost stopped doing everything for herself and did not even want to get out of bed, Dawn came to see if there was anything she could do help her. After her first Bowen session I could see a huge improvement, she was getting out of bed more and little things like ‘will you put the washing on’ became “shall we put the washing on”. My mother would need regular Bowen to keep her mind in a positive and rather than ask Dawn to make the long trips to treat her, I decided to train to be a therapist too. My mother sadly passed away before I could finish my training but I am convinced that it made a huge difference to her last months.

Since training in 2016 I have been able to treat many people and am always ‘blow away’ on how effective the Bowen therapy is, it is so gentle yet effective. I have treated clients with frozen shoulders, hay fever, back problems children with nightmare and sleeping conditions babies with colic to name but a few.

Further Qualifications include:

​Baby Bowen, Fascia Bowen, Exercise and Rehabilitation, Lymphatic Drainage, Hormone Release, MSTR Scar Release, Sports 1 and 2, Pediatric First Aid.

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