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Maggie - persistent pain

I have been to yoga for the past two days and l COULD DO  The Tree Pose!!!  With no pain!!!   Dawn you have fixed me again! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Nicki - Baby and Child Bowen

We contacted Dawn following several recommendations to treat colic and reflux in our 2 month old baby boy. We started to see improvement in the colic almost immediately, and within 6 sessions the colic was resolved and the reflux was dramatically improved! The treatment was very gentle and absolutely non-invasive, and Dawn’s considerable experience with children made the sessions very relaxed and easy. She’s been a pleasure to meet and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to other parents experiencing similar problems with baby colic and reflux.

Anonymous - Child Bowen

It's amazing but I feel like M. has really calmed down, he's a lot more in control of his emotions, and he even lends T. his toys sometimes when they're having arguments about who had it first!  We were so amazed and relelieved today too about him going to school with no problems! 😊

Amy - Hayfever sufferer

Lisa is a good family friend and after finding out that I have suffered with hay fever for 3 or 4 years, she offered me Bowen in order to relieve my symptoms. From my very first session I felt a difference, my symptoms were relieved and I no longer suffered with itchiness in my ears which has been my worst symptom! I am very happy with the results and will be having it before my hay fever season is due to start! I had never really considered alternative pain relief therapy but I am so glad I did! Thank you so much Lisa. 

Garry - Shoulder issues

Following my stroke, I had 10 years ago, Ive had a lot of trouble with my shoulder. Lisa offered to do Bowen on me. I had a few sessions and now I have absolutely no problems with my shoulder at all. So thank you Lisa

Sarah - Persistent joint pain

I have had Bowen sessions with both Lisa and Dawn and can highly recommend them both as Bowen therapists. Over the past few years, I have periodically had terrible joint stiffness and pain, especially in my shoulders and hips, and Dawn has unfailingly managed to release the stiffness and pain with just a few gentle, relaxing sessions, leaving me able to move again, pain-free and with ease. Top-up sessions have worked well in reminding my body how to stay relaxed, too! Even if you can't quite get your mind around how Bowen works, believe me, it just does!

Celine - Suffering from Migraines

I have seen many doctors to help me with my migraines and no one has really managed to ease my pains, until Dawn! She is amazing and her Bowen really works! She has not only helped me with my migraines but also with my joint pains and my gut issues. I would definitely recommend Dawn.  

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